domingo, 17 de enero de 2016

¡Mira ! ¡silbadores herbáceos ! / Look! sod whistlers !!

It happened some days ago, couldn´t say precisely when due to my fish memory but it was during sunset when the orange veil of sun´s light softly hugged the grayish winter clouds over the tiny forest close to the village where I inhabit.
There I was, taking a slow walk along an old and dry riverbed, lost in my thoughts, trying to escape out of worries and bounds when I noticed an ancient cracked tree trunk piercing my way ahead. I could have definately overtake it... I could, but did not.. for some reason...
Fantasy creatures ooak sod whistlers forest pixies

miércoles, 6 de enero de 2016

Alala la bruja cuervo / Alala the crow witch

Alala es una de las tres hermanas de la tormenta. Siempre llega tras el trueno y su amado cuervo Phaustus precede su entrada con su ronco graznido. No subestimes a Alala, tras su suntuoso porte y su exótica belleza se esconde una oscura y orgullosa arpía...
Crow witch sketch